Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria 2024 [Updated Price]

Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria 2024: Hey there, welcome to another enlightening post on our blog Today we’re diving into a topic that many of you have been buzzing about: the prices of rabbits in Nigeria as of 2024. 

Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria

With the growing interest in rabbit farming, either for personal consumption, commercial meat production, or even just as adorable pets, the demand for these cuddly animals has soared. 

But here’s the million-naira question: How much does it cost to actually get a rabbit?

Prices are not set in stone; they fluctuate based on several factors such as location, type of rabbit, and market demand, among others. 

We get it, it can be a bit overwhelming to sort through the jumble of numbers and terms thrown around online. That’s why we’ve taken the time to do the homework for you. 

Our goal? To give you the most up-to-date, comprehensive breakdown of rabbit prices in various parts of Nigeria. We’ll be covering everything from the costs of different breeds to the impact of the economy on rabbit pricing. 

So whether you’re a newbie to rabbit farming or a seasoned pro looking to expand your brood, this post has got something for everyone.

The financial landscape in Nigeria, as you already know, is continuously evolving. Inflation rates, exchange rates, and market trends affect not just staple foods and services but also the prices of livestock, rabbits included. 

As a result, what you might have heard last year or even last month might not hold true today. But no worries! This guide aims to be your go-to resource for all things rabbit pricing in Nigeria in 2024.

So, sit back, grab a cup of tea, and let’s dive in. You’re in for an informative read!

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Factors Affecting the Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria

1. Location: Where you’re buying from has a huge impact on price. Urban areas might have higher prices due to increased demand and cost of living.

2. Breed: Some rabbit breeds are more expensive than others. Rare or exotic breeds will definitely cost more.

3. Age and Size: Older, fully-grown rabbits usually cost more than the younger ones.

4. Market Demand: Seasons like Easter can drive up the prices due to a rise in demand.

5. Economic Factors: Inflation and other financial trends can either hike up or lower the prices.

Costs of Rabbits in Nigeria

While it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact amount rabbits go for, it wouldn’t be really challenging to estimate how much they go for. Rabbits are available in different breeds, and they vary in commercial uses and value, making them also vary in how much they go for in the market.

Here are some of the common breeds of rabbit common in Nigeria today and how much they go for.

  • Palomino Rabbit (Weaner): From N25,000
  • Cinnamon Rabbit (Weaner): From N39,250
  • Commercial Rabbits (Pure Breed New Zealand White: From N65,000
  • Hyla Rabbits (Commercial Breed | 3 Females + 2 Males): From N65,000
  • Commercial Rabbits (Pure Breed Chinchillas | 3 Females + 2 Males): From N75,000
  • Commercial Hyla Rabbits (Broiler Rabbit Breed | 3 Females + 2 Males): From N78,500
  • Grower Rabbit (Chinchilla): From N10,000
  • New Zealand White Rabbit: From N8,000
  • Checkered Giant Rabbit: From N10,000
  • Improved Dutch Rabbit: From N6,000
  • Hyla Rabbits: From N8,000
  • Commercial Mature Rabbits Colony (New Zealand & Chinchilla Breed): From N80,000
  • Matured Rabbit (Harlequin): N7, 000 – N8, 000
  • Matured Rabbit (New Zealand): N7, 000 – N8, 000

Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria

Common Rabbits Breeds in Nigeria

In Nigeria, rabbit farming has increasingly become a popular and profitable venture. Not only are rabbits easy to care for, but they also have a shorter reproduction cycle compared to other livestock. If you’re interested in going down this route, it’s essential to know the common rabbit breeds that thrive in the Nigerian climate. Here are some of the popular breeds you’ll likely encounter:

New Zealand White

This breed is one of the most popular for meat production. They have a rapid growth rate and excellent reproductive abilities. As the name suggests, they usually come in a snowy white color.

Dutch Rabbit

Known for its unique color patterns, the Dutch rabbit is smaller in size compared to the New Zealand White. They are often kept as pets but can also be raised for meat.

California White

Similar to the New Zealand White, the California White is primarily raised for meat. They are robust and adapt well to the Nigerian climate. These rabbits have a white body but may have dark-colored ears, nose, and feet.

Flemish Giant

As the name suggests, these rabbits are massive. Because of their size, they are mostly raised for meat. They are also calm and gentle, making them easy to manage.


These rabbits are mainly kept for their fur, which is velvety and soft. They are medium-sized and have a gentle temperament, making them ideal for families.

Angora Rabbit

Angora rabbits are best known for their luxurious fur, which can be sheared and used in textiles. They require a bit more care in terms of grooming compared to other breeds.

Netherland Dwarf

This breed is usually kept for petting due to its small size and cute appearance. They have a calm disposition but are not primarily used for meat production because of their small size.

Each of these breeds has its own set of needs and benefits, so it’s crucial to determine your primary reason for rabbit farming before making a choice. Whether it’s meat production, fur, or even just companionship, there’s a breed out there that’s perfect for your needs.

Where to Buy Rabbit in Nigeria

If you’re looking to buy rabbits in Nigeria, you’ve got a couple of great options to explore. Whether you’re an aspiring rabbit farmer or simply want a new furry friend, you can find what you need without too much problem. Here’s how:

Livestock Markets

One of the first places to look for rabbits is the local livestock market. You’ll find a range of breeds available for different purposes, whether it’s for meat production, fur, or as pets. Just make sure you go armed with knowledge about the breed you’re interested in so you can ask the right questions and make an informed choice.

Online Platforms

Websites like and OLX are good starting points if you’re looking to buy rabbits online. You’ll find a variety of sellers offering different rabbit breeds. But remember, it’s always best to visit the seller and see the rabbits in person before making a purchase.

Specialized Rabbit Farms

Some farms specialize in rabbit breeding. These are excellent places to get quality rabbits, and you’re likely to meet experts who can guide you on how to care for your new animals. You may also get post-purchase support in terms of vaccines, feeding, and other healthcare needs for the rabbits.

Pet Stores

If you’re looking for pet rabbits, pet stores are an obvious choice. They may not offer a wide variety of breeds, but you’re likely to get rabbits that have been well taken care of and are suited for family life.

Veterinary Clinics

Some veterinary clinics have notice boards where people can post advertisements for the sale of livestock, including rabbits. This could be a good place to find rabbits that are in good health and have had their vaccinations.

Agricultural Shows/Fairs

These events offer an opportunity to meet different rabbit breeders, see a variety of breeds, and learn directly from experts. You can also buy rabbits at these events, often at discounted prices.

Before making a purchase, always remember to:

  • Check the health of the rabbit. Look for clear eyes, clean ears, and a healthy coat.
  • Ask for any vaccination or medical records.
  • If possible, consult a vet before making the purchase to ensure you’re getting a healthy animal.

So go ahead, pick a source that’s most convenient for you, and take the plunge into the rewarding world of rabbit ownership or farming!

Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria

FAQs on How Much is Rabbit in Nigeria 2024

How Much Does a Rabbit Cost in Nigeria in 2024? 

The cost of a rabbit can vary widely depending on factors like breed, age, and location. Typically, prices can range from N3,000 to N15,000.

Why Are Some Rabbit Breeds More Expensive Than Others?  

Certain rabbit breeds are more expensive due to their rarity, fur quality, or specific characteristics that are sought after. For example, the Angora rabbit, known for its soft fur, can be quite pricey.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Rabbits During Certain Seasons? 

Yes, the demand for rabbits can be seasonal. Prices may dip during off-peak seasons when demand is low, such as periods not coinciding with major holidays or agricultural fairs.

Do Rabbit Prices Differ Between States in Nigeria?  

Absolutely, location plays a significant role in rabbit pricing. States with more rabbit farms generally offer more competitive prices due to higher supply.

Can I Negotiate the Price of a Rabbit?

Yes, in many cases, the prices are not fixed and can be negotiated, especially if you’re buying more than one rabbit or are a regular customer.

Conclusion on Cost of Rabbit in Nigeria 

Well, there you have it, a comprehensive guide on rabbit prices in Nigeria for the year 2024. 

From what we’ve discussed, it’s evident that pricing isn’t a straightforward affair. Multiple factors come into play, and being aware of these can help you make an informed decision whether you’re buying for farming, as a pet, or for any other purpose.

While prices may vary, one thing is certain: the market for rabbits in Nigeria is dynamic and offers opportunities for both buyers and sellers. 

So if you’re considering diving into rabbit farming or adding a furry friend to your household, now is as good a time as any.

Remember, the most important thing is to conduct proper research and plan your budget effectively. 

This not only helps you avoid unplanned expenses but also sets you on the path to successful rabbit ownership or farming.

Thank you for sticking around until the end of this post. We hope you found it enlightening and useful. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below or reach out to us directly. Happy rabbit buying!

That’s all for now, friend. Until our next post, take care!

Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria

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