Cost of Starting a Restaurant in Nigeria 2024 

Cost of Starting a Restaurant in Nigeria 2024: Hey aspiring restaurateurs! So, you’ve got a passion for food and you’ve been dreaming about opening your own restaurant in Nigeria. Fantastic! 

Cost of Starting a Restaurant in Nigeria

But before you start picturing your name in bright lights and happy customers digging into delicious meals, let’s get real about what it’s going to cost you to get that dream off the ground. Yeah, we’re talking about the main details—money, the cash!

It’s 2024, and the restaurant landscape in Nigeria is bursting with opportunities but also comes with its fair share of challenges. 

Whether you’re thinking of a cozy café, a fast-food joint, or a luxurious fine dining establishment, understanding the financial aspects is crucial. 

You see, starting a restaurant isn’t just about amazing recipes and ambiance; it’s also about budgets, numbers, and some more numbers.

Let’s break it down, shall we? The cost of starting a restaurant in Nigeria can vary widely depending on numerous factors. 

Location, size, type of cuisine, and even the kind of cutlery you choose can all impact your budget. And let’s not forget the external factors like the economy, competition, and market demand.

So in this post, we’re going to tackle everything—right from the average cost you need to have in your pocket to what could potentially make it go up or down. 

We’ll also throw in some essential factors you should consider before diving in and places in Nigeria where starting a restaurant might just be your golden ticket.

Factors to Consider Before Starting a Restaurant in Nigeria

Before you start a restaurant in Nigeria, there are some things you need to take into consideration first in order to have a successful business. They include;

  1. Budget: Know what you’re willing to invest. Restaurant business isn’t cheap; from property to inventory, it all adds up.
  2. Location: You want a place with high footfall and good visibility. It should also be easily accessible to your target demographic.
  3. Menu and Cuisine: Knowing your target customers will help you decide on the type of cuisine. From local to continental dishes, your menu should be tailored to meet demand.
  4. Staffing: A good restaurant is as good as its staff. From chefs to waiters and janitors, hiring skilled and trained staff is essential.
  5. Licenses and Permits: These are not only mandatory but also expensive. Make sure you know all the legal requirements.
  6. Suppliers: Establish good relationships with reliable suppliers for meat, veggies, and other essentials. Unreliable suppliers can break your business.
  7. Marketing: In today’s world, if you’re not online, you’re not known. A solid online and offline marketing strategy is essential.

How to Start a Standard Restaurant in Nigeria in 2024 

Starting a standard restaurant in Nigeria can be quite a venture given the economic situation in the country at the moment, but it’s certainly doable with the right planning and budgeting. However, the “right amount” to start a restaurant can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors such as location, type of cuisine, target market, and scale of the restaurant, among others.

If you’re considering opening up in a busy urban area like Lagos, for example, the cost will be significantly higher than starting up in a smaller town. Rental costs alone in major cities can be a substantial financial burden.

Here’s a rough breakdown of potential costs:

  1. Rent: Depending on location, you might spend between N1 million to N5 million per annum.
  2. Renovation and Interior: Upwards of N2 million depending on how luxurious you want the place to look.
  3. Kitchen Equipment: Could range between N2 million to N5 million.
  4. Initial Stock and Inventory: Approximately N1 million to N2 million.
  5. Licenses and Permits: About N500,000 to N1 million.
  6. Staff Salaries: About N2 million annually for a small to medium-sized team.
  7. Marketing and Advertising: At least N500,000 initially to create awareness.
  8. Utility Bills: Around N300,000 to N500,000 annually.
  9. Miscellaneous: Around N1 million to cover unexpected costs.

Adding all these up, a rough estimate could be anywhere from N10 million to N20 million to start a standard restaurant in a city. This is, of course, a ballpark figure and the actual amount could be higher or lower depending on various factors.

So, in conclusion, while N10 million to N20 million might give you a good start, having extra capital is always beneficial for unforeseen expenses and for maintaining the business before it becomes profitable. Kindly lay much emphasis here!!!

Factors that Affect the Cost of Starting a Restaurant in Nigeria

The following are the key factors that affect the cost of starting a standard restaurant in Nigeria;.

  1. Location: Prime locations cost more in rent and utilities but may offer better footfall.
  2. Size and Capacity: The bigger the place, the higher the overhead costs. 
  3. Interior and Ambiance: Creating a vibe or theme can be expensive but essential to attract customers.
  4. Menu: Offering a variety of dishes means a well-stocked kitchen, which translates to higher costs.
  5. Staffing: More staff means more salaries and skilled labour isn’t cheap.
  6. Licenses and Permits: These are usually a one-time cost but can be quite hefty.
  7. Marketing and Advertising: Budget some funds for initial promotional offers, digital marketing, and maybe even a launch event.

Where to Start a Restaurant in Nigeria

You can’t just start a restaurant at any location. It has to be a place where you will know your targeted audience! The follow are examples of where you can start a restaurant;

  1. Commercial Areas: Think business districts and markets; these locations attract a lot of people.
  2. Residential Areas: Targeting families? A residential area might just be your best bet.
  3. Tourist Spots: Near a museum or popular landmark? These areas often attract a good mix of locals and tourists.
  4. Campuses: If you’re aiming for a younger crowd, areas near universities and colleges are perfect.
  5. Malls and Shopping Centers: These are also excellent as they attract a diverse crowd.

FAQs on How Much will it cost to start a Restaurant in Nigeria

How much should I budget for starting a small restaurant?

The costs can be quite varied but having a budget of around ₦3 to ₦5 million should be a good starting point.

Do I need a special license to serve alcohol?

Absolutely, an alcohol license is a must if you plan to serve any form of liquor.

Is fast food more profitable than fine dining in Nigeria?

It depends on various factors such as location and target market. However, fast-food joints generally have quicker ROI.

What are hidden costs that no one tells you about?

Utilities like water and electricity, as well as waste management, can add up without you realizing it.

Should I buy or rent the property?

Renting is usually recommended initially. Once you’re stable, you can consider buying.

NigerianPriceGuide’s Conclusion

There you have it, the ultimate post on what it costs to start a restaurant in Nigeria in 2024. From rent to raw materials, staffing to seasoning, it’s a lot to think about. 

However, when you align your passion for food with business savvy, the sky’s the limit. Consider your location wisely, plan your budget meticulously, and always have a contingency plan. 

If done right, a restaurant can not just be a fulfilling passion project but a lucrative business venture too. 

If you have any questions or anything in mind, it might be a suggestion, simply leave us a comment in the comment section below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for sticking with

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