Chicken Feeds Price List 2024 [Price Updated]

Chicken Feeds Price List 2024: Hey there, poultry farmers and enthusiasts! Are you curious about the latest chicken feed prices this 2024 in Nigeria? Then you’re in the right place. 

Chicken Feeds Price List

Knowing the cost of chicken feed is crucial whether you’re a newbie in the poultry business or a seasoned farmer looking to optimize your operations. 

We all know that feeding makes up a significant chunk of the farming budget, right?

The year 2024 has brought some noticeable shifts in prices, thanks to a host of factors ranging from inflation to supply chain disruptions. 

But don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the legwork and compiled an up-to-date price list for various types of chicken feed available in the market.

From starter feeds to layer mash, broiler finishers to growers, we will break it all down so you can make an informed decision. 

It’s not just about grabbing the cheapest bag off the shelf; it’s about finding the feed that offers the best value for your money and ensures your chickens are healthy and productive.

You might be wondering, why the fuss? Well, the kind of feed you choose affects not just the growth and health of your birds but also the profitability of your poultry business. 

High-quality feed translates to healthier birds, and healthier birds mean more money in your pocket. That makes sense, right?

So buckle up as we dive deep into the world of chicken feeds and how much they’ll likely set you back in 2024.

Factors that Affect Chicken Feed Prices

The following are the factors that affect the price of Chicken Feed price in Nigeria;

  1. Quality of Ingredients: The better the stuff that goes into the feed, the more you’ll pay. 
  2. Brand: Big names usually command higher prices. 
  3. Season: Times of the year can affect grain prices, which in turn impacts feed costs.
  4. Exchange Rates: The cost of imported ingredients can influence prices.
  5. Local Policies: Taxes or subsidies can either increase or decrease the cost.

Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List

Prices of Chicken Feed in Nigeria

As highlighted earlier, there are various types of chicken feed like layers mash, broiler starter mash, and so on. Various brands offer a range of products, each with its own price tag. Whether you’re raising chickens for business or personal use, being aware of feed prices is crucial. Armed with this information, you can create a budget to avoid financial setbacks.

So, what’s the cost of chicken feed in the Nigerian market? Well, the price varies depending on what you’re looking to purchase. We’ve done the legwork for you, surveying the market to compile a list of the most popular chicken feed products and their respective prices. Take a look at our list below:

  • GroGel Plus B (Unique Hydrating Gel with Probiotics for Day Old Chicks): From ₦1,850
  • Growers Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag: From  ₦6,470
  • Layers Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag: From ₦6,650
  • Hybrid Feeds Layer Mash – 25kg Bag: From ₦6,650
  • Top Feeds Grower Mash – 25kg Bag: From ₦6,650
  • TopFeeds Grower Mash – 25kg: From ₦6,800
  • Pre-Lay Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag: From ₦6,850
  • Chick Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag: From ₦6,870
  • Topfeed for Layers (Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: From ₦6,950
  • Topfeeds Layer Mash – 25kg: From ₦7,200
  • Hybrid Feeds Finisher Pellet – 25kg Bag: From ₦7,200
  • Hybrid Broiler Super Starter |Mash | Crumble: From ₦7,250
  • Top Feed | Chick Mash | 25kg Bag: From ₦7,450
  • Hybrid Chick Feed | Crumbles – 25kg Bag: From ₦7,610
  • Broiler Finisher Mash (Hybrid Brand) -25kg Bag: From ₦7,970
  • TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag: From ₦8,150
  • TopFeeds Starter Feed for Broiler Chicks (Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: From ₦8,150
  • Super Starter for Broiler Chicks (TopFeeds Brand | Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: From ₦8,200
  • Broiler Starter (Top Feeds Brand) 25kg: From ₦8,300
  • Top Feeds Broiler Finisher (Mash | 25kg): From ₦8,300
  • Top Feeds Super Starter 25kg: From ₦8,400
  • Finisher Feed | Hendrix Brand | 25kg: From ₦8,725
  • Ultima Finisher Pellet for Broilers (Olam) 25kg Bag: From ₦8,975
  • Ultima Starter Pellet for Broilers (Olam) 25kg Bag: From ₦8,975
  • Starter Feed | Hendrix Brand | 25kg: From ₦8,975
  • Ultima Super Starter Pellet for Broilers – 25kg Bag: From ₦9,125
  • Broiler Grower Feed (Hendrix Brand | 25kg): From ₦9,250
  • Broiler Grower Pellets | Hendrix Feeds | 25kg Bag: From ₦9,450
  • Wheat Offal (Wheat Bran) – 50kg: From ₦10,200
  • Wheat Bran (Crown Flour Mill Brand | 50kg): From ₦10,200
  • Wheat Offal | Golden Penny Brand – 50kg: From ₦10,200
  • Wheat Offal – 50kg: From ₦10,200
  • Wheat Offal (Wheat Bran | Flour Mills-Golden Penny Brand) – 50kg: From ₦10,500
  • Pre-starter Feed | Hendrix Brand | 25kg: From ₦11,350
  • Terratiga Layer Grower Feed | 50Kg: From ₦14,800
  • Terratiga Layer Starter Feed | 50Kg: From ₦16,600
  • Soybean Derivatives (Soya bean Meal | Full-Fat Soya | Soya Crude Oil): From ₦19,800
  • Soybean By-Products (Soybean Meal| Full-Fat Soya): From ₦21,750
  • Layers Premix | Vit +Min | 25kg: From ₦33,814
  • Layer Rearer Concentrate | Hendrix Brand: From ₦38,750
  • All Pro-Feed 10kg (Adamore Brand): From ₦45,000

Note that the prices of these products are subject to change depending on the cost of raw materials and other market forces. Also, they may differ from what we have on this list depending on your location and the vendor you purchase from. We suggest that you purchase your feed from brand depots or certified distributors.

Types of Chicken Feed

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are various types of chicken feed, each formulated to supply the essential nutrients the birds need. Chickens go through different growth phases, and it’s crucial to select the appropriate feed for each developmental stage. Below are some commonly used categories of chicken feed:

Starter feed

Starter feed is designed for the youngest chicks and usually comes in a crumbly texture to make it easy for them to peck at it with their beaks. This type of feed has around 20 percent crude protein to support rapid growth in the birds.

Grower feed

You can give this feed to your birds starting from the day they are hatched until they are around 20 weeks old, based on the owner’s preference. Grower feed typically contains 18 to 20 percent crude protein, as formulated by most manufacturers. One of the advantages of using grower feed is its cost-effectiveness, as it’s suitable for birds of various ages. For this reason, many farmers opt for grower feed over starter feed.

Layers mash

When you’re raising laying hens, it’s advisable to provide them with layers mash. This type of feed has a greater concentration of crude protein compared to grower feed, which is essential for supporting the hens in egg production.

Broiler feed

If you’ve been using starter feed for your broilers, the next step is to switch to broiler feed once they’ve grown past the initial stage. Typically, broiler feed is rich in nutrients and has a crude protein content ranging from 20 to 22 percent.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Chicken Feed

The following are the factors to consider before buying chicken feed;

  1. Nutritional Value: Check the protein, fiber, and fat content.
  2. Bird Age: Different age groups require different types of feed.
  3. Price vs Quality: Sometimes, a higher upfront cost can save you more down the line in terms of bird health and yield.
  4. Recommendations: Ask fellow farmers or vets for their trusted brands.

Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List

Where to Buy Chicken Feeds in Nigeria

You can get your hands on chicken feeds at local agro-stores, farmers’ markets, big supermarkets, and even online stores like Jumia and Konga. Some farmers directly sell their custom-mixed feeds, too.

FAQs on How Much is Chicken Feed in Nigeria

What are the types of chicken feed available?

There are three main types: Starter, Grower, and Layer feed, each tailored to different growth stages.

Is it cheaper to buy in bulk?

Often, yes. But always compare prices to be sure.

How do I know if the feed is of good quality?

Check the ingredients, and also look for NAFDAC approval for quality assurance.

Are medicated feeds better?

They can help in preventing diseases but consult your vet before choosing medicated over non-medicated feeds.

Where can I buy chicken feed in Nigeria?

From local agro-stores to big supermarkets and online platforms, the options are numerous.

Conclusion on The Cost of Chicken Feed in Nigeria

So, there you have it, a comprehensive look at chicken feed prices in Nigeria for 2024. Remember, the right feed not only nourishes your birds but also determines how profitable your poultry venture will be. 

Always consider factors like feed type, brand, and seasonal price variations before making a purchase. Keep an eye out for quality indicators and don’t hesitate to seek advice from experts or fellow farmers. Happy farming, friend!

If you have any questions regarding this post, simply leave us a comment in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for sticking with

Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List Chicken Feeds Price List

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