Kedi Products Price List in Nigeria 2024 [Price Updated]

Kedi Products Price List in Nigeria 2024: Hello, and welcome to! Today, we’re going to talk about something that has been buzzing in the health and wellness community in Nigeria – Kedi Healthcare Products. 

Kedi Products Price List in Nigeria

One of the questions we often hear is, “how much do Kedi products cost in Nigeria?” It’s a vital question, and today we’re going to break it down for you.

Kedi Healthcare is well-known for offering a broad range of health and wellness products, from nutritional supplements to personal care items. 

But let’s be real here; while the benefits of these products are numerous, the cost is often a significant factor when it comes to making a purchase. 

With phrases like “Cost of Kedi Products in Nigeria” often being searched online, it’s clear that many are curious about whether these products can fit into their budget.

It’s no secret that health is wealth, and that’s probably why you’re interested in this topic today. So, whether you’re considering options for nutritional supplements, skincare products, or general wellness items, Kedi has got you covered. 

But the burning question remains—how much do these products really cost? Is it something the average Nigerian can afford? 

We’ll delve into all of these issues, examining Kedi’s latest price list for 2024 to give you the full scope.

To offer a more comprehensive guide, we’ll also explore the factors affecting the prices of these products. Terms like “12mm Kedi product price,” “16mm Kedi product price,” and “10mm Kedi product price” might sound confusing, but don’t worry; we will simplify it all for you.

Factors that Affect Price at Kedi Products

1. Product Type: Kedi offers a wide array of products, and the type of product can significantly affect its price. Skincare items may cost different than nutritional supplements, for instance.

2. Quality of Ingredients: High-quality, natural ingredients often come at a higher cost. When it comes to health products, you often get what you pay for.

3. Packaging: The packaging is also a factor. More complex or eco-friendly packaging may slightly raise the cost.

4. Seasonal Demand: During specific seasons or public health crises, the demand for certain products may spike, affecting their prices.

5. Retail Margins: Many Kedi products are sold through distributors who may add a margin to the base price.

Kedi Products Price List in Nigeria

One of the aims of Kedi Healthcare is to make lives better by providing access to affordable healthcare products. As a result, this company has an array of products on the market that are quite affordable. It recently released a new price list due to the increase in the exchange rate between the Naira and US Dollar. So if you had previous knowledge of the prices of Kedi products, you should check the list below because there are several changes. Here is a list containing the new prices of Kedi Healthcare products in Nigeria:

  • A01 Golden Six: From N6,100
  • A02 Magilim: From N12,600
  • A03 Re-Vive: From N18,700
  • A031 Packet Re-Vive: From N6,600
  • A032 Mini Packet Re-Vive: From N7,800
  • A04 Vigor Essential: From N10,100
  • A05 Cordy Active: From N9,100
  • A051 Small Cordy Active: From N4,800
  • A06 Golden Hypha: From N19,400
  • A061 Small Golden Hypha: From N6,800
  • A07 Constilease: From N11,100
  • A08 Reishi: From N13,900
  • A081 Small Reishi: From N5,100
  • A091 Small Gastrifort: From N5,800
  • A09Gastrifort: From N16,700
  • A10 Cordy Royal Jelly: From N14,200
  • A101 Small Cordy Royal Jelly: From N4,800
  • A11 Qinghao: From N3,600
  • A12 HAEMOCARE: From N10,100
  • A13 EYE BETA: From N11,100
  • L01 Gynapharm Capsule: From N16,200
  • L02 EVE’S COMFORT Capsule: From N12,100
  • L05 Jointeez Capsule: From N6,100
  • L06 Diawell Capsule: From N6,600
  • L07 Cardibetter Capsule: From N13,100
  • L08 Lirich: From N8,100
  • M04 BLOOD CIRCULATORY: From N252,000
  • M12 VIP Massage Chair: From N2,016,000
  • P01 GUM CARE TOOTHPASTE: From N2,600
  • PP6 Liushen Self-Care Combo: From N7,400
  • SS01 KEDI GUN MASSAGER: From N126,000
  • T01 Refresh Tea: From N5,800
  • T02 Colon Cleanser: From N6,300
  • V01 ULTRAMEGA: From N8,600
  • V02 CALMAZINE: From N9,100
  • V03 LYCOVITE:From N10,600
  • V04 CELLO Q10: From N14,700
  • W017-LAYER (DAY USE): From N8,600
  • W027-LAYER (NIGHT USE): From N8,900
  • Y01 V-Ca: From N5,100
  • Y02 Multivitamin + Zinc: From N5,300

Note that these prices are likely to change if there is a change in the official exchange rate between the Naira and US Dollar. Other factors that can lead to price changes include location, vendor, company policies, and government policies.

About Kedi

Kedi is drawn from the Chinese language, and it means “Science is Unlimited.” As we mentioned earlier, Kedi Healthcare is a conglomerate of pharmaceutical companies that have an interest to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine the world over.

The company was established in 2005 and began its commercial operations in 2006. Kedi might have started in China but has expanded to several countries globally including Nigeria. This company seeks to use the power of healthcare to make lives better. Hence, it harnesses Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmaceutical products to achieve this goal.

There are several kinds of products from Kedi Healthcare including:

  • Life Essential Products,
  • Special Solutions,
  • Beauty products,
  • Natural Herbal Tea Products,
  • Massaging Equipment, etc.

All the products from this company comply with the requirements of the National Agency for Food and Drug Control (NAFDAC). There are so many testimonies to the efficacy and efficiency of Kedi Products in treating several medical conditions.

Benefits of Engaging in Kedi Business

Kedi Healthcare has made a provision for laymen to join in their business. As such, you can become a partner with the company. Are there any benefits that you will enjoy from taking this step? Of course, there are, you can check them below:

  • You enjoy profit from every sale that you make as a registered partner of Kedi Healthcare.
  • Kedi provides training to its members on successful tips to help them with multi-level marketing. There is also free business training for each registered member carried out by a team of qualified builders.
  • As a partner, you get between 10% and 12% discounts on every product that you purchase from Kedi.
  • Registering with Kedi Healthcare as a member puts you in line for a car award.
  • You have the opportunity to access the Villa award which means you can own your dream house from being a partner.
  • Kedi Healthcare awards its partners who have attained a certain level with a Travel Award.
  • Top distributors get a scholarship award that covers their children’s tuition and other educational expenses in China.
  • As a Kedi Healthcare partner, you have access to a Life Insurance policy that you begin to benefit from after your fifth year.

There are several other benefits that you can enjoy from the Kedi Healthcare Business. Some of them include:

  • Business Ownership.
  • Financial freedom.
  • Improved living standards.
  • Sound Health due to access to Kedi Healthcare products.
  • Time freedom.

How to Earn From Kedi Healthcare

There are several ways to earn from Kedi Healthcare. We will discuss some of them in this section:

  • Retail profit: In this case, Kedi allows you to add some amount to their products before selling as a retailer. As such, you will be earning a profit from the difference between the retail price and the distributor price.
  • Direct Bonus: Here, all partners earn a direct bonus for being a distributor every month.
  • Indirect Bonus: In this case, the distributor gets an indirect BV for a specific month.
  • Leadership Bonus: The distributor receives a bonus from the GBV that has a similar status.
  • Honorary bonus: Honor-titled distributors earn this bonus since they have a share of 5% of the global turnover.
  • Special awards: Kedi Healthcare presents its partners with several special awards such as:
    • Car Awards
    • Villa Awards
    • Travel Awards
    • Scholarship Awards
    • Mutual Fund Awards
    • Health Insurance Awards

How to Become a Kedi Distributor

To become a Kedi distributor, take the following steps:

  • Go to any of the Kedi Offices close to you to get an application form.
  • Fill and submit the form.
  • Make a payment of the N5,500 membership fee.
  • Collect the registration kits.
  • Great job!!! You are now a Kedi Independent Distributor.

FAQs on Kedi Products Price List

What are the most popular Kedi Products in Nigeria?

Kedi’s range of herbal supplements and personal care products are quite popular. Their Reishi and Cordyceps supplements, for instance, are hot sellers.

How can I be sure I’m buying genuine Kedi Products?

Always buy from authorized Kedi distributors or directly from Kedi’s official website to ensure you’re getting genuine products.

Are Kedi products FDA approved?

While some Kedi products have FDA approval, it’s best to check the packaging or consult with customer service for specific information.

Do Kedi products have any side effects?

While Kedi products are generally considered safe, it’s always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or healthcare regimen.

Can I get Kedi products outside Nigeria?

Yes, Kedi is an international brand and its products are available in several other countries.

Wrapping Up on Kedi Products Price List

And there you have it! We’ve explored the costs of Kedi products, factors that affect their pricing, and even tackled some of the most frequently asked questions. 

The importance of health cannot be overstated, and with Kedi products, it seems there’s an affordable, effective option for everyone.

Remember, the “Cost of Kedi Products in Nigeria” varies based on several factors, but with this guide, you should have a clearer understanding of what to expect. 

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Stay healthy, stay wise, and keep checking NigerianPriceGuide for the latest updates on product prices in Nigeria.

That’s a wrap for today, my friend! Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below, and we’ll be back with more helpful guides soon. Cheers!

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