Longrich Price List in Nigeria 2024 [Price Updated]

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Today, we’ve got a topic that’s creating noises everywhere: Longrich Products and their 2024 Price List. 

Longrich Price List in Nigeria

Now, we all know Longrich has become a household name in Nigeria, offering a wide array of products that range from healthcare to skincare, and even household items. 

But I bet you’re thinking, “With the new year, what’s up with the prices? Have they gone up or down?”

Okay, let’s get real. We’ve all been there—walking into a store, spotting that Longrich toothpaste or body cream you love, but then doing a double-take at the price tag. Right? 

“How much is Longrich in Nigeria this year?” is probably one of those questions that’s been bugging you. Trust me, you’re not alone. The year 2024 has brought some changes, and it’s essential to stay updated.

Whether you’re new to the Longrich world or a long-time fan, this post aims to break down the most current prices. 

We’re not just listing numbers; we’re also talking about what impacts these prices. Because, let’s face it, it’s not just a ‘name-your-price’ game. 

Various factors influence the costs of these products, and it’s only fair that you’re aware of them. So, grab your notepad, or maybe just open a new tab on your phone, because you’ll want to jot down some of this info. Trust me!

Factors that Affect Longrich Products Prices

The following are the key factors affecting the Longrich products prices:

1. Economic Conditions: Fluctuations in the economy, such as inflation, can directly influence the cost of Longrich products.

2. Product Ingredients: High-quality, specialized ingredients in certain products may elevate their price.

3. Distribution Channels: Depending on where you’re buying—official store, distributor, or online—prices might differ.

4. Seasonal Demands: Some products may experience price changes due to seasonal demand, like skincare items in harsh weather conditions.

5. Importation Costs: Many Longrich products are imported, and customs duties can affect their retail price.

Longrich Price List in Nigeria

Longrich is a global brand and has been around since 1986. Between then and now, this company has manufactured hundreds of products and operates in more than one hundred countries. In this section, we will focus on the prices of Longrich products in Nigeria. Check them in the table below:

S/NProductPartner’s PriceRetail Price
1Antipersperant Dew2,100.002,400.00
2Aplus Energy Shoes (Female)327,000.00376,000.00
3Aplus Energy Shoes (Male)403,000.00463,500.00
4Artemisin Body Wash1,900.002,200.00
5Artemisin Conditioner2,200.002,500.00
6Artemisin Deodorant (Female)1,500.001,750.00
7Artemisin Deodorant (Male)1,500.001,750.00
8Artemisin Hand Soap1,900.002,200.00
9Artemisin laundry detergent4,900.005,600.00
10Artemisin Laundry Soap900.001,000.00
11Artemisin Mouth wash1,900.002,200.00
12Artemisin Nourishing Soap900.001,000.00
13Artemisin Shampoo2,200.002,500.00
14Artemisin Toothpaste (120ml)1,000.001,150.00
15Artemisin Toothpaste (200ml)1,500.001,750.00
17Baby Shampoo & Body Wash3,900.004,500.00
18Baby Cream2,200.002,500.00
19Bamboo Soap3,400.003,900.00
20Berry Oil22,500.0024,700.00
21Black Ginger33,900.0038,900.00
22Black Tea and Tremella11,900.0013,700.00
23Body Cream (SOD Milk)2,800.003,200.00
24Body Wash4,100.004,700.00
25Calcium Tablet9,500.0011,500.00
26Cordyceps Coffee2,900.003,300.00
27Cordyceps Militaris Capsules45,900.0052,800.00
28Cup Filter8,600.009,900.00
29Demo Kit4,800.005,500.00
30Energy Baby Diapers (L)5,600.006,500.00
31Energy Baby Diapers (M)5,600.006,500.00
32Energy Baby Diapers (S)5,600.006,500.00
33Energy Baby Diapers (XL)5,600.006,500.00
34Energy Necklace (Female)137,000.00157,500.00
35Energy Necklace (Male)137,000.00157,500.00
36Energy Pan (24 cm)113,500.00130,500.00
37Energy Pan (28 cm)118,500.00136,300.00
38Evergreen (120ml)69,000.0079,400.00
39Evergreen Facial Mask12,300.0019,500.00
40Fast Rich Pack A57,000.0065,500.00
41Fast Rich Pack B115,000.00132,200.00
42Fast Rich Pack C115,000.00132,200.00
43Fujian/Pi Cup29,900.0034,400.00
44Hand Cream2,300.002,650.00
45Hand Sanitizer1,600.001,850.00
46Heat Powder3,900.004,500.00
48Libao (Male)22,500.0025,700.00
49Mengqian (Female)19,200.0021,500.00
50Mini Combo 221,000.0024,000.00
51Mosquito Repellant2,700.003,000.00
52Mouth Freshener1,500.001,700.00
53Nutri-V-Rich Blue55,000.0063,200.00
54Nutri-V-Rich Pink55,000.0063,200.00
55Panty Liners31,500.0036,200.00
56Platinum Combo 2113,000.00130,000.00
57Power Bank11,500.0013,200.00
58Product Form1,000.001,850.00
59Registration Form1,000.001,850.00
60Rejuvenating Body Lotion2,900.003,300.00
61Sanitary Napkin (4 in 1)34,500.0039,700.00
62Sanitary Napkin (Night Use)31,500.0036,200.00
63Seed Box5,700.006,500.00
65Slimming Tea3,700.004,300.00
66Snake Oil No. 11,800.002,000.00
67Starter Combo14,000.0016,000.00
68Starter Combo 314,000.0016,000.00
69Starter Pack3,800.003,800.00
71Test Pass Gadget500.00600.00
72TianJiang (Brown Tea)3,700.004,300.00
73Toothpaste (100gm)1,300.001,500.00
74Toothpaste 200gm2,400.002,750.00
75Travel Pack2,200.002,500.00
76VIP Combo 2249,000.00286,400.00
77Vitamin Drink1,500.001,700.00
78Water Tester350.00400.00
79White Tea Shampoo2,800.003,200.00
81XinChiang (Green Tea)3,700.004,300.00

Note that the prices of these products may change due to several factors such as government policies, company policies, location, and vendors. We will update this post once we notice a price change with any of the products listed above.

How to Become a Longrich Distributor

If you are looking for a business idea, we’ve got some good news for you. You can become an independent Longrich distributor. How can you do this? Take the steps below:

  • Visit any of the Longrich offices or Stocklist centres in Nigeria.
  • Collect, fill, and submit the registration form.
  • The company will send you your membership number and capture your details.
  • Choose from the list of packages to begin.
  • Make your payment to the Longrich account.

Longrich Price List in Nigeria Longrich Price List in Nigeria Longrich Price List in Nigeria Longrich Price List in Nigeria

FAQs on Longrich Price List in Nigeria

Where Can I Buy Authentic Longrich Products?

You can purchase authentic Longrich products from certified distributors, official Longrich stores, and reputable online platforms.

Are Longrich Products FDA Approved?

Yes, most Longrich products are FDA approved, ensuring their safety and quality.

Do Longrich Products Have Expiry Dates?

Absolutely, like any consumer product, Longrich items come with expiry dates, which are usually printed on the packaging.

Can I Become a Longrich Distributor?

Yes, you can. Longrich has a partnership program that allows people to become distributors, but there are certain requirements and fees involved.

Do Longrich Products Have Side Effects?

Generally, Longrich products are made from natural ingredients and are considered safe. However, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider if you have specific concerns or allergies.

Wrapping Up on Longrich Price List in Nigeria

Ooohh! That was a lot to take in, but I’m sure you found it worth your while. This post aimed to update you on the 2024 Price List for Longrich products in Nigeria, along with shedding light on the factors that can sway these prices. 

After reading this, you can consider yourself well-armed with the knowledge you need to make wise shopping choices this year.

In a market flooded with multiple brands claiming numerous benefits, Longrich has managed to stand out. 

The price tag on Longrich products is not just a number; it reflects quality, research, and customer satisfaction. 

Therefore, understanding the various elements that impact the cost becomes crucial for an informed purchase.

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We’ve said a lot today, and I’m pretty sure you’re ready to hit the store or add items to your online cart. Thanks for hanging out with me here at NigerianPriceGuide

Keep coming back for more juicy info on all the prices that matter to you. Till next time, stay savvy and keep that shopping list updated! Cheers!

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Longrich Price List in Nigeria Longrich Price List in Nigeria Longrich Price List in Nigeria Longrich Price List in Nigeria

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