GUO Transport Price List 2024 [By Road]

GUO Transport Price List 2024: Hello there! Are you looking for the GUO Transport price list for 2024? If so, permit me to congratulate you that you have found the right place to check that! got you covered!!

Picture this: a reliable travel partner that’s been moving passengers across Nigeria’s diverse landscapes for years and not only in Nigeria but also to some other countries like Ghana, Togo, and Co. GUO Transport isn’t just a name; it’s a commitment to providing efficient, comfortable, and budget-friendly transportation solutions. Whether you’re planning a spontaneous weekend getaway, a business meeting, or a well-organized family reunion, GUO Transport has got your back.

GUO Transport Price List

In this post, we will be talking about the factors that contribute to the increase or decrease in GUO Transport prices, a list of their prices, contact information, and addresses. So, sit back and read through!

Factors that Affect GUO Transport Prices

The following are some factors that contribute directly or indirectly to the increase or decrease of GUO Transport prices;

  1. Travel Season: Certain times of the year, such as holidays or peak vacation seasons, could see increased demand for travel. As a result, prices might be adjusted to accommodate the higher demand
  2. Competition: The competitive landscape in the transport industry can also play a role in pricing. If there are other transportation options available on the same route, GUO Transport might adjust its fares to remain competitive.
  3. Route and Distance: The route taken and the distance between point A and point B can impact prices. Any variations in road conditions, tolls, or other logistical factors might lead to slight variations in fares. The longer the distance, the more the price!
  4. Seating Availability: The availability of seats on a particular trip can also affect pricing. When a particular trip is in high demand or close to being fully booked, the remaining seats might be priced higher.
  5. Economic Factors: Economic conditions, such as fuel prices and inflation rates, can influence p transportation costs. Fluctuations in these factors might indirectly contribute to changes in ticket prices.
  6. Class of Service: The type of class you choose can significantly impact the ticket price. GUO Transport offers different classes, ranging from Standard to VIP. Each class comes with its own level of comfort, amenities, and cost. VIP class, for instance, offers more luxurious features, which might come at a higher price.

The factors are not limited to those mentioned above but they are the key factors that might cause variation in the price!

Now that you know the factors that may cause traveling prices with GUO Transport to vary, let’s move on to the price as of today!

GUO Transport Price List

We have taken out time to do the research for you! Also, as I said before, prices may vary! Below is the Price list of GUO Transport for 2024:

  • Jibowu to Ekwulobia: Adult (₦12,350), Child (₦9,750)
  • Jibowu to Aba: Adult (₦10,925), Child (₦8,625)
  • Jibowu to Abuja: Adult (₦11,400), Child (₦9,000)
  • Jibowu to Umuahia: Adult (₦10,925), Child (₦8,625)
  • Jibowu to Enugu: Adult (₦12,825), Child (₦10,125)
  • Jibowu to Owerri: Adult (₦12,825), Child (₦10,125)
  • Jibowu to Port Harcourt: Adult (₦10,925), Child (₦8,625)
  • Jibowu to Umunze: Adult (₦9,500), Child (₦7,500)
  • Jibowu to Ogoja: Adult (₦11,400), Child (₦9,000)
  • Ajah to Aba: Adult (₦10,925), Child (₦8,625)
  • Ajah to Abakalili: Adult (₦10,450), Child (₦8,250)
  • Ajah to Abuja: Adult (₦12,825), Child (₦10,125)
  • Ajah to Umuahia – Mbaise: Adult (₦10,925), Child (₦8,625)
  • Ajah to Owerri: Adult (₦10,450), Child (₦8,250)
  • Ajah to Enugu: Adult (₦10,450), Child (₦8,250)
  • Umuahia to Lagos (Ajah): Adult (₦9,975), Child (₦7,875)
  • Awka to Abuja: Adult (₦9,025), Child (₦7,125)
  • Asaba to Lagos (Coker): Adult (₦8,075), Child (₦6,375)
  • Asaba to Lagos (Iyana-Ipaja): Adult (₦8,075), Child (₦6,375)
  • Asaba to Lagos (Ajah): Adult (₦8,075), Child (₦6,375)
  • Abakaliki to Lagos (Ajah): Adult (₦10,450), Child (₦8,250)
  • Ejigbo to Umuahia: Adult (₦9,025), Child (₦7,125)
  • Ejigbo to Umunze: Adult (₦8,075), Child (₦6,375)
  • Ejigbo to Ogoja: Adult (₦10,450), Child (₦8,250)
  • Ejigbo to Abakaliki: Adult (₦8,550), Child (₦6,750)
  • Ejigbo to Aba: Adult (₦9,500), Child (₦7,500)
  • Port Harcourt to Lagos (Ajah): Adult (₦10,450), Child (₦8,250)
  • Port Harcourt to Abuja: Adult (₦12,350), Child (₦9,750)
  • Utako to Aba: Adult (₦11,875), Child (₦9,375)
  • Utako to Lagos (Ajah): Adult (₦11,875), Child (₦9,375)
  • Utako to Port Harcourt: Adult (₦11,875), Child (₦9,375)
  • Enugu to Lagos (Ajah): Adult (₦10,070), Child (₦7,950)
  • Enugu to Abuja: Adult (₦9,120), Child (₦7,200)

GUO Transport Terminals and their Contact Addresses

Accra Terminal

Address: Abossey-Okia Mortuary Road (Opp. 2nd Total Filling Station), by Kaneshi R/About, Ghana

Phone: +233240565854

Madina Terminal          

Address: M177, Madina Firestone, After Atomic Junction, Firestone Bus Stop, Ghana.

Phone: +233244134534

Tema Terminal              

Address: Community 1, Along Court Road, Opposite Metro Transport yard, Ghana.

Phone: +233244087274

Aba Terminal  

Address: 25, Milverton Avenue, Aba, Abia.

Phone: 08075090629

Abakaliki Terminal      

Address: 15, Afikpo Road, Abakaliki, Ebonyi

Phone: 08075090650

Agege Terminal

Address: 3, Agunbiade Oke-koto Street, Agege, Lagos.

Phone: 08075090686

Ajah Terminal 

Address: KM 22, Epe – Expressway, Abraham Adesanya Est. Junction, Ajah, Lagos

Phone: 08075090656

Akokwa Terminal         

Address: 10, Orlu Road, by Akokwa Roundabout, beside Akokwa Microfinance Bank, Akokwa, Lagos State.

Phone: 09053820358

Alaba Terminal              

Address: Alaba International Mkt, 29, Ojo Ebegbede Road, Opp. Chemist Bus-Stop, Alaba, Lagos State

Phone: 08075090685

Asaba Terminal

Address: Asaba – Onitsha Expressway by Head-Bridge, Asaba, Delta State

Phone: 08113849230

Awka Terminal              

Address: St. Michael Shopping Plaza, by Unizik Junction, Awka-Onitsha Enugu Expressway, Awka, Anambra State.

Phone: 08075090642

Awkuzu Terminal         

Address: Awkuzu Junction

Phone: 07035227941

Bauchi Terminal           

Address: Maiduguri bypass, Plaza Hotel, Bauchi State.

Phone: 08076092462

Cele Terminal                

Address: 164, Okota Road, Lagos State.

Phone: 08075090634

Coker Terminal             

Address: 36, Opere Street, Wema Bank Bustop, Coker, Lagos State.

Phone: 08117000391

Ejigbo Terminal            

Address: 67A, Ikotun-Egbe Road, Opp Power Line B/Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos State.

Phone: 08117000390

Ekwulobia Terminal    

Address: 7, Awka Road, Ekwulobia, Anambra State.

Phone: 08175090687

Enugu Terminal            

Address: 3, Market Road by Holy Ghost Cathedral (Opp. Ogbete Main Mkt.) Enugu

Phone: 08075090636

Gombe Terminal          

Address: 1, Church Road, Gombe.

Phone: 08075090652

Iba Terminal   

Address: 1, Ipaye Street, Iba, Lagos

Phone: 08075090649

Ibadan Terminal           

Address: Samonda/Opp Emmanuel Theology College, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Phone: 08075090641

Iddo Terminal 

Address: 7, Railway Compound (Opp. Police Barracks) Otto Bus Stop, Lagos State.

Phone: 08075090637

Ihiala Terminal             

Address: 42, Osha Owerri Road by Patigian Hotels Ltd, Ihiala, Anambra State

Phone: 08075096032

Ikotun Terminal           

Address: 10 Ijegun Road, Ikotun, Lagos State.

Phone: 0805090639

Iyana-Ipaja Terminal  

Address: 167, Abeokuta Expressway Opp Diamond bank Plc., By Iyana Ipaja Bus stop, Alimosho LGA, Lagos State.

Phone: 08150647906

Jalingo Terminal          

Address: Opp. Coca-Cola Depot, Along Mile 6, Yola Road, Taraba State.

Phone: 08113790580

Jibowu Terminal           

Address: 2 Jibowu Street along Ikorodu express, Jibowu, Lagos State.

Phone: 08075090682

Jos Terminal   

Address: Old Railway, Jos, Plateau State.

Phone: 08075090654

Kaduna Terminal         

Address: Television Park, Kaduna

Phone: 08075090647

Kano Terminal              

Address: 14, New Road, Sabongari, Kano

Phone: 08075090646

Kubwa Terminal           

Address: Lora Mall Plaza, Plot No 132 Gado Nasko Road Phase 2 Kubwa, Abuja

Phone: 08075093156

Maiduguri Terminal    

Address: Kano Station Park, Borno State.

Phone: 08075090644

Mararaba Terminal      

Address: Suite 9, Bomma Plaza, Along Abuja-Keffi Exp. Mararaba, Nasarawa State.

Phone: 09053820346

Maza Maza Terminal  

Address: 1st Gate B/Stop Badagry Express Way, Lagos State.

Phone: 08075090683

Nnewi Terminal            

Address: 2, Ibeto Road, Opp.First Bank, Nnewi, Anambra State.

Phone: 08075090684

Obollo Afor Terminal  

Address: Obollo-Afor Markudi Exp. Way, Enugu State.

Phone: 09053820344

Ogoja Terminal             

Address: Mh 113 Hospital Road, Opp.Blessed Resources Int’l oil, Beside EcoBank plc, Igoli, Ogoja, Cross River State.

Phone: 09053820341

Okota Terminal             

Address: 164, Okota Road, Lagos State.

Phone: 08075093154

Onitsha Terminal         

Address: 166, Port Harcourt Rd, Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra State.

Phone: 08075090618

Orlu Terminal 

Address: Amaifeke – Orlu park, Opp. Olu LGA Council Office, Orlu, Imo State.

Phone: 09053820348

Owerri Terminal           

Address: 15, Egbu Road, Owerri, Imo State.

Phone: 09053820353

Port Harcourt Terminal            

Address: Port Harcourt – Aba Expressway (at the intersection with Lord Emmanuel Drive, b/w Thermocool & Big Treat), Opp Air Force Base, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Phone: 08150647900

Sokoto Terminal           

Address: Central motor park, Sokoto.

Phone: 08052772082

Umuahia Terminal      

Address: Uhia General Park, Umuahia, Abia State.

Phone: 08113790584

Umuaka Terminal        

Address: 6, Orlu Owerri road, by Afor Umuaka R/About, Njaba LGA, Imo state

Phone: 09053820351

Umunze Terminal        

Address: Round About, Umunze, Anambra State.

Phone: 08076092468

Utako Terminal             

Address: Gouba Plaza, Plot171, Ekukinam Street, Utako District, Abuja.

Phone: 08075090643

Warri Terminal             

Address: 162 Effuru/Sapele Road, Warri, Delta State.

Phone: 08075090627

Yola Terminal 

Address: Jendutu Park, Yola, Adamawa State.

Phone: 08075090653

Zaria Terminal

Address: Yankarife Luxury pack, Sabon-gari Zaria, Kaduna State.

Phone: 09053820345

Zuba Terminal

Address: Lagos Park, Zuba, Abuja

Phone: 09053820340

Conclusion on GUO Transport Price List 2024

In conclusion, GUO Transport’s price list is your gateway to hassle-free and budget-friendly travel across Nigeria. Whether you’re venturing from Lagos to Abuja, Cotonou, or any of the other exciting destinations they serve, you can trust GUO Transport to get you there comfortably and safely. 

With a focus on transparency and customer satisfaction, they’ve made it easier than ever to plan your journeys and explore the beauty and diversity of Nigeria. So, pack your bags, gather your excitement, and embark on your next adventure with GUO Transport – where affordable travel meets unforgettable experiences. Happy travels!

If you have any questions regarding this post, simply leave us a comment in the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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