Ekeson Motors Price List 2024 [Price Updated]

Ekeson Motors Price List 2024: Hey there! Welcome to another exciting piece on NigerianPriceGuide.com.ng, where we keep you updated on all things pricing. Today, we’re diving deep into the Ekeson Motors Price List for 2024. 

Ekeson Motors Price List

Now, if you’ve been around Nigeria for a bit, you know that Ekeson Motors is not just any transport company; it’s a brand that people have come to trust over the years. So, how much does it really cost to enjoy this reliable service?

“Cost of transport with Ekeson Motors” or “Ekeson Motors bus fares” are among the frequent searches you’ll find online. 

Whether you’re planning a trip down South, up North, or any place in between, knowing the cost of your journey is crucial. Trust me, I get it! No one wants to be caught off guard when it comes to spending, especially on transportation.

“Ekeson Motors Price List 2024” might just be what you need to plan your journey perfectly. But let’s be honest, in Nigeria, transport fares can be a bit of a roller coaster. 

One day it’s affordable; the next day, it shoots up. And just like the cost of a plate of Jollof rice at a wedding can vary, so can the price of a bus ticket.

It’s not just about how much is Ekeson Motors bus fare; it’s also about what factors can change these prices. The time of the year, the type of bus, the route you’re taking, and even the day of the week can all make a difference. We’ll break down all of this for you, so keep reading!

So, sit back, relax, and let’s journey through the Ekeson Motors Price List for 2024. Trust me, by the end of this piece, you’ll be a walking encyclopedia on Ekeson Motors fares.

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Factors that Affect Transport Prices at Ekeson Motors

The following are the factors affecting the transportation price at Ekeson Motors:

1. Peak Seasons: During Christmas, New Year, Easter, and other public holidays, you can expect a surge in transport costs. This happens because of the high demand as people travel to be with their families or take vacations.

2. Route: The distance between the departure and arrival cities plays a significant role in the pricing. Longer routes will naturally cost more. Also, routes with more popular destinations might be priced higher due to demand.

3. Type of Bus: Ekeson Motors offers different kinds of buses, ranging from standard to luxury buses. The luxury buses come equipped with extra amenities like Wi-Fi, reclining seats, and onboard entertainment. These will, of course, cost you extra.

4. Day of the Week: Yes, even the day you choose to travel can affect your fare. Weekends and Fridays are often more expensive due to increased demand.

Ekeson Motors Price List

Finding out the prices might be quite stressful. However, we have done all the work on your behalf and the list below shows the different prices.

  • Abuja (Utako) to Lagos (Jibowu): ₦21, 200
  • Onitsha to Lagos (Jibowu): ₦16, 000
  • Ibadan (New Ife Rd Opp Oando Filling Station Alaakia) to Abuja (Gwagwalada): ₦21, 200
  • Port Harcourt to Lagos (Jibowu): ₦16, 000
  • Lagos (Jibowu) to Abuja (Kubwa): ₦21, 200
  • Lagos (Maza maza) to Abuja (Gwagwalada): ₦20, 200
  • Lokoja to Ibadan (New Ife Rd Opp Oando Filling Station Alaakia): ₦17, 200
  • Owerri (Egbu Road) to Lagos (Jibowu): ₦16, 200


As you will expect, these prices are liable to change at any moment due to several factors. Some of these factors include company policies, economic factors, government policies, and festive periods. It is no secret that transportation costs become higher in Nigeria during festivities. Once we notice an increase in prices, we will update this post so that you can become aware.

Ekeson Motors Terminals in Nigeria

Ekeson Motors has grown to become one of the biggest transport companies in Nigeria today. This company has several terminals scattered around the country. In this section, we will provide you with a list of the different terminals and their addresses. Note that it has focused its efforts on Lagos and Abuja, as such, it has more terminals in these locations.

Ekeson Motors Terminals in Abuja

  • Utako Terminal: Abuja EPS Courier Centre, Ekesons Premises by Berger Junction Utako District, Abuja
  • Maitama Terminal: Abuja Corporate Affairs Commission, 1403, Aguiyi Ironsi Street Off Tigris Crescent, Maitama Abuja
  • Kubwa Terminal: Mercy Plaza, Phase 4, By Chicken and Side, Kubwa, Abuja
  • Zone 5 Terminal: Suite 19, Nandu Plaza Ndola Crescent,  Wuse Zone 5,  Abuja

Ekeson Motors Terminals in Lagos

  • Iddo Office: Nigeria Railway Terminal Yard, Iddo
  • Okota Terminal: Teleolukoya Shopping Complex, 121, Okota Road, opposite UBA PLC, Okota
  • Trade Fair Terminal: Zone A, Block 10, Shop 21 Aspamda Plaza, Trade Fair Complex
  • Ikotun Terminal: A step Plus Plaza, 3, Idimu Ikotun Road, Ikotun, Opp Conoil Filling Station Ikotun
  • Maza Maza: 27, Old Ojo Road, Lagos- Badagry Exp. Way Lagos
  • Ikeja Terminal: 11 Olayeni Street off Medical Road Ikeja Computer village Lagos
  • Iba Terminal: Iyana School B/stop, LASU Isheri Road, Unity Estate, Iba
  • Oyingbo Terminal: 12, Apapa Road Oyingbo, Lagos

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Ekeson Motors Terminals in Other Parts of Nigeria

  • Aba Terminal: 12 Milverton Street, Aba
  • Asaba Terminal: Rich & Richy Plaza, Opposite Agofure Pack By Koka Junction, Ibuso Road,  Asaba
  • Benin Terminal: No. 48 Airport Road (ABUMA BUILDING) Opp. Omegatron/Mall of America, Benin City
  • Calabar Terminal: 76, Ndidem Usang Iso Rd, Calabar
  • Enugu Terminal: 164, Ogui Road, Enugu
  • Ibadan Terminal: 42, MKO Abiola Road, Ring Road Chemist Bustop Damien Plaza
  • Jos Terminal: 41, Rwan Pam Street, JOS
  • Kaduna Terminal: 1, Constitution Road, by Stadium R/About
  • Kano Terminal: Suite J11, Opp Akintola Williams
  • Minna Terminal: 118, Kasuwa Gwari Road
  • Onitsha Terminal: E.Ekesons Park, Upper Iweka
  • Owerri Terminal: 8, Mbaise Road, Owerri 23, Onitsha Road, Near Rochas Okorochas Foundation
  • Port Harcourt Terminal: 159 Aba Road, by Waterline Bus Stop Port- Harcourt
  • Uyo Terminal: 123 Abak Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom
  • Warri Terminal: 1, WaterResources Road, Warri
  • Zone 5 Terminal: Ekesons Park Nkwo, Nnewi

Other Services Provided by Ekeson Motors include:

  • Hospitality and hotels
  • Logistics and courier services
  • Haulage services
  • Bus hire and rental

Ekeson Motors Price List Ekeson Motors Price List Ekeson Motors Price List Ekeson Motors Price List Ekeson Motors Price List

FAQs on How Much is Transport at Ekeson Motors

How do I book a ticket with Ekeson Motors?

Booking a ticket with Ekeson Motors is pretty straightforward. You can visit their terminal and book directly or use their official website. Online booking is becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience it offers—you can book from the comfort of your home or office.

Is online booking cheaper?

The cost of booking online is generally the same as booking at the terminal. However, Ekeson Motors occasionally offers online-exclusive discounts, especially during off-peak seasons. So, it’s always good to keep an eye on their website for any promotional offers.

What services do I get on board?

When you travel with Ekeson Motors, you can expect varying degrees of comfort based on the type of bus you select. Most buses will have air conditioning and TV. Some higher-tier buses offer additional amenities like Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, and snacks.

What are the payment methods accepted?

Ekeson Motors is quite flexible with payment methods. At their terminals, they accept cash payments. For online bookings, they offer a variety of options, including debit and credit card payments, and sometimes mobile payment solutions like PayStack.

Do they offer refunds for canceled trips?

The refund policy for Ekeson Motors can differ based on several factors like how close to the departure time you cancel your booking. It’s best to contact their customer service or check the terms and conditions on their website for the most accurate information.

Conclusion on Cost of Transport with Ekeson Motors

So there you have it! We’ve walked you through the Ekeson Motors Price List for 2024, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been quite an informative ride. 

The fluctuating prices might make you feel like you’re on an economic seesaw, but hey, that’s just how things roll in the transport sector in Nigeria.

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Planning a trip shouldn’t be a game of financial Russian roulette. Being informed about how much you’ll likely spend helps you to budget properly and saves you the stress of last-minute surprises. 

Factors like the route, the type of bus, and even the season can affect transport prices at Ekeson Motors, so always keep these in mind.

And that’s a wrap on our Ekeson Motors price guide for this year. So the next time someone asks you, “How much is the transport fare at Ekeson Motors?” you can confidently say you’ve got the info they need. Safe travels, everyone!

If you have any questions regarding this post, simply leave us a comment in the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Ekeson Motors Price List Ekeson Motors Price List Ekeson Motors Price List Ekeson Motors Price List

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