Water Bed Prices in Nigeria 2024

Water Bed Prices in Nigeria 2024: Are you looking for Water Bed and their prices in Nigeria? If so, then you are on the right page. We will explain everything you need to know about Water Bed and their prices in Nigeria for you here on NigerianPriceGuide.com.ng.

Water bed mattresses are not just ordinary mattresses – they are a symphony of support and serenity. Picture yourself floating on a gentle sea of comfort, your body finding the perfect alignment as you surrender to the calming rhythms of slumber. These remarkable mattresses have redefined the art of sleep, offering a unique blend of pressure relief and customizable support.

In this post, we will be talking about what a Water Bed is, some factors that you need to consider before buying, where you can buy, prices, and some frequently asked questions. So, stick with me so as not to miss out on any information regarding Water Bed Prices in Nigeria

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started! I’d like to start with what a Water Bed is!

What is a Water Bed?

A water bed is a mattress filled with water, offering a unique and customizable sleeping experience. The water inside the bed provides support and conforms to the shape of the body, promoting comfort and relaxation. Water beds are known for their adjustable firmness, temperature control, and potential therapeutic benefits.

Water Bed Prices in Nigeria

Okay, now that you know what a Water Bed is, let’s talk about the factors you need to consider before buying!

Factors to consider before buying a Water Bed

Below are ten key factors to consider before buying a Water Bed:

  1. Size: Choose the right size to fit your bedroom and personal comfort needs.
  2. Support: Consider the level of support the water bed offers for your body.
  3. Wave Control: Opt for a water bed with wave-reducing technology to minimize movement disturbance.
  4. Temperature Control: Look for models with temperature control options for a comfortable sleep environment.
  5. Maintenance: Check ease of maintenance, including draining and refilling the water mattress.
  6. Durability: Research the durability and lifespan of the water bed components.
  7. Cost: Compare prices and installation costs within your budget.
  8. Bed Frame Compatibility: Ensure your existing bed frame is compatible with a water bed.
  9. Assembly and Installation: Consider the ease of assembly and installation.
  10. Warranty: Check the manufacturer’s warranty and after-sales support.

These factors can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a water bed. Check the Water Bed you want to buy very well before you buy it. Remember, it is your money!!! 

Now, let’s move to the Water Bed Prices in Nigeria! 

How Much is Water Bed in Nigeria 2024?

  • Bed sore medical water mattress: N60,000 – N80,000
  • Water Mattress for Water Cancer 4″x32″x64″: N120,000 to N150,000
  • Hospital water bed mattress (Nature mattress) Price: N60,000 – N79,500
  • European water bed for swimming pool. Price: N30,000 – N58,5000

Where Can You Buy Water Bed in Nigeria?

You can buy Water Bed in Bedding and Home Goods stores or on an online e-commerce website like Jumia and Jiji. Still, I will say it is better to buy from a Bedding and Home Goods store as you will be able to physically and thoroughly examine what you want to buy. I don’t have to tell you that you can only view pictures of what you want to buy when buying from an e-commerce website. Pictures can sometimes be deceiving!

Water Bed Prices in Nigeria 2024

You can find Water Bed at a price as low as N30,000 and as high as N200,000 or more.

The price range for Water Bed can vary depending on factors like type, brand, features, and quality. It is to explore reputable sellers and compare prices for the options within your budget. 

FAQs on Water Beds and Prices in Nigeria 2024

Are water beds expensive to maintain?

Water beds may have initial setup costs and occasional maintenance, but they are generally not significantly more expensive to maintain compared to traditional mattresses.

Can I find affordable water bed options in Nigeria?

Yes, there are various water bed models available at different price points to suit different budgets.

Are water beds worth the investment?

Water beds offer unique comfort and support benefits, making them worth considering for those seeking a specialized sleep experience.

Do water bed prices include the frame and accessories?

Prices may vary, but some water bed packages include the mattress, frame, and accessories. It’s essential to confirm what’s included before purchasing.

How long does a water bed typically last?

With proper care, a high-quality water bed can last around 8 to 10 years or more.

Summary of Water Beds and Prices in Nigeria 2024

Check the features of the Water Bed you want to buy, make sure it suits your needs, and make sure to choose a reputable brand! Take your time before buying! Remember, it is your money! 

With everything being said, I hope you find the Water Bed you are looking for! 

Before you go, know that the price mentioned here is not an exact price and that is because the price may vary slightly between stores.

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