Best Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria 2024

Best Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria 2024: Are you looking for Visitor Chairs and their prices in Nigeria? If so, then you are on the right page. We will explain everything you need to know about Visitor Chairs and their prices in Nigeria for you here on

Visitor chairs hold a special place in every space, whether it’s an office reception area, a conference room, or a home living room. We understand the importance of finding the best visitor chairs in Nigeria that not only offer a comfortable seating experience but also exude elegance and charm.

In this post, we will be talking about what a Visitor Chair is, some factors that you need to consider before buying, where you can buy, prices, and some frequently asked questions. So, stick with me so as not to miss out on any information regarding Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started! I’d like to start with what is Visitor Chairs!

What is Visitor Chair?

A visitor chair is a seating option designed to provide comfortable and inviting seating for guests, clients, or visitors in various spaces such as offices, waiting areas, or homes.

Okay, now that you know what a Visitor Chair is, let’s talk about the factors you need to consider before buying!

Factors to consider before buying Visitor Chairs

Below are seven key factors to consider before buying visitor chairs:

  1. Comfort: Choose visitor chairs with sufficient padding and support to ensure a comfortable seating experience for your guests.
  2. Style: Consider the overall style and design of the chairs to ensure they match the ambiance and decor of your space.
  3. Durability: Look for visitor chairs made from high-quality materials to ensure they withstand frequent use and last for a long time.
  4. Size: Ensure the chairs are appropriately sized for your space and provide enough seating without overcrowding.
  5. Armrests: Decide whether you prefer visitor chairs with armrests or armless chairs, depending on the comfort level you want to offer.
  6. Budget/Cash at hand: Set a budget for your visitor chairs and explore options that fit within your price range without compromising on quality.
  7. Reviews: Check customer reviews and feedback to gauge the quality and performance of the visitor chairs before making a purchase.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect visitor chairs that not only provide comfort and support for your guests but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your space.

Make sure to check the chair you want to buy very well before you buy it. Sit on it, test its mechanism, and check its comfortability. Make sure everything suits you before you buy it. Remember, it is your money!!!

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Now, let’s move to the Best Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria! 

How Much is Visitor Chair in Nigeria 2024?

Fabric Visitor’s Office Chair

Strong and durable fabric office visitor’s chair suitable for training purposes and visitors.
This visitor’s chair will keep you comfortable and stable all day, chair can be more flexible in the working place. It allows you to enjoy a comfortable, safe, and relaxing experience during a busy working day.

Key Features

  • Suitable for training
  • Fabric material
  • Ergonomic & contemporary design
  • Combination of mesh and fabric for extra comfort.
  • Convenient and comfortable armrest.
  • Good quality
  • Durable

Fabric Visitor’s Office Chair Price in Nigeria

The price of Fabric Visitor’s Office Chair in Nigeria ranges from N15,000 to N25,000.

Best Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria

3 Seaters Visitors Waiting Chair

Let your guests feel welcomed and relaxed with this 3 Seater Airport Chair. This bench is the perfect piece of furniture to be placed in a waiting area, reception area, and lobby area. It features three gang-perforated metal seats on a large steel beam and is supported by steel legs. The Seat is made of high-quality steel. airport chair systems are manufactured to the very highest standards of quality and durability, to ensure that our seating solutions are as resilient and long-lasting as they are attractive and aesthetically appealing.

Key Features

  • Modern and solid construction
  • Durable and easy-to-clean metal seats
  • Seats have perforations to provide comfort
  • Arm and leg frames are steel with chrome plated finish
  • The beam section is top-quality steel, powder-coated silver
  • 150kg weight rating per seat
  • Heavy duty visitors/guest three seater electroplated metal bench
  • Electroplated steel
  • This sturdy bench comes with floor protectors.

Price of 3 Seaters Visitors Waiting Chair in Nigeria

The price of 3 Seaters Visitors Waiting Chair in Nigeria ranges from N55,000 to N65,000.

Best Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria

Where Can You Buy Visitor Chairs in Nigeria?

You can buy Visitor Chairs in furniture stores or on an online e-commerce website like Jumia and Jiji. Still, I will say it is better to buy from a furniture store as you will be able to physically and thoroughly examine what you want to buy. I don’t have to tell you that you can only view pictures of what you want to buy if you want to purchase it from an e-commerce website. Pictures can sometimes be deceiving!

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Best Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria 2024

You can find Visitor Chairs at a price as low as N12,000 and as high as N200,000 or even more! 

The price range for Visitor Chairs can vary depending on factors like type, brand, features, and quality. It is best to explore reputable sellers and compare prices for the best options within your budget.

FAQs on Best Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria 2024

What styles are available for visitor chairs?

Visitor chairs come in a variety of styles, including modern, contemporary, classic, and minimalist designs, catering to diverse preferences.

Are visitor chairs stackable for easy storage?

Some visitor chairs are stackable, making them convenient for compact storage when not in use.

What materials are visitor chairs made from?

Visitor chairs are often made from materials like wood, metal, plastic, or upholstered in fabric or leather, offering both durability and aesthetics.

Do visitor chairs come with armrests

Yes, many visitor chairs feature armrests, providing added comfort and support for guests during their stay.

Summary of Best Visitor Chairs and Prices in Nigeria 2024

Check the features of the Visitor Chairs you want to buy, make sure it suits your needs, and make sure to choose a reputable brand! Take your time before buying! Remember, it is your money! 

With everything being said, I hope you find the Visitor Chairs you are looking for! 

Before you go, know that the price mentioned here is not an exact price and that is because the price may vary slightly between stores.

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