Samsung Nigeria Price List 2024 [Price Updated]

Samsung Nigeria Price List 2024: Hey there, dear readers of! We’re back with another exciting and super helpful topic—Samsung Nigeria Price List for 2024. 

Samsung Nigeria Price List

Now, Samsung needs no formal introduction, right? This brand is basically a household name when it comes to quality electronics. 

Whether it’s smartphones, TVs, or even home appliances like refrigerators and microwaves, Samsung’s got it all. 

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Yeah, but how much is all this gonna cost me?” then you’re in the right place. We’ve got a comprehensive rundown on everything Samsung and its price range in Nigeria for the year 2024. 

Trust us, we get it—life is already complicated, and nobody wants the added stress of scouring the web to find out how much the latest Samsung Galaxy phone costs or if that Smart TV fits within your budget.

Let’s get one thing straight: “how much is Samsung in Nigeria?” or “Cost of Samsung in Nigeria” are pretty complex questions. 

You see, Samsung’s got a whole array of products, each with its own features, specifications, and of course, pricing. 

That’s why we’re here: to give you the 411, so you can make a knowledgeable decision without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Stay with us, as we’re not just talking numbers here. We’ll also delve into some key features that make Samsung stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Plus, we’ve got some valuable tips on factors to consider before making your purchase. Ready? Let’s dive in.

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Prices of Samsung Products in Nigeria

In the world of electronics, it’s widely accepted that you’re making a smart choice when you opt for Samsung. This multifaceted electronics giant has cemented its place as one of the top-tier brands globally, known for delivering quality products and exceptional customer service. The Samsung name is a seal of quality, ensuring that any gadget you buy will likely be a leader in its category—whether it’s smartphones, home entertainment systems, or even air conditioners.

Samsung’s products have gained a reputation for superior performance and unbeatable efficiency, making them some of the most in-demand gadgets on the market today. While you might pay a premium compared to other brands, the quality you get makes it worth the investment.

You have several options for buying Samsung products. You can go straight to the source and purchase directly from the manufacturer or through authorized local dealers scattered throughout the country. Samsung enjoys a large customer base nationwide, backed by numerous local branches. While you can also find their products in various online and physical stores, it’s generally more cost-effective to buy directly from Samsung’s own distributors. This approach often offers better pricing compared to other retail outlets.

Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List

Let us take a look at some of their common products and how much they go for in their stores.

Samsung Smartphones & Prices in Nigeria

Samsung smartphones are undoubtedly among the very best in the smartphone industry. The brand has created a special niche for its products and competes with the best in the market. Thanks to their smartphones’ efficiency and intimidating features, they rate among the most sought-after in the present market and beat off the competition in every aspect.

It is easy to see why Nigerians have fallen in love with these sets of smartphones. From the amazing camera quality to the functionality and display, you can be sure of the very best performance with Samsung smartphones. Here is how much these smartphones cost in Samsung stores.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – From N270,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB) – From N155,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: From N128,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (128GB) – From N210,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (64GB) – From N127,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – From N115,000
  • Samsung S8 Plus Black/Gold -From N125,000
  • Samsung S8 Black/Gold – From N100,000
  • Samsung Grand Prime Pro – From N45,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – From N190,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – From N300,000
  • Samsung Tab A8 10.5 – From N195,000
  • Samsung Tab A7 – From N180,000
  • Samsung Tab S5e- From N360,000
  • Samsung A8 – From N220,000
  • Samsung S7 – From N320,000
  • Samsung S8 Plus – From N670,000
  • Samsung A7 2020 – From N175,000
  • Samsung A7 2017 – From N120,000
  • Samsung S8 Ultra – From N900,000
  • Samsung J4 – From N50,000
  • Samsung J4 Plus – From N70,000
  • Samsung J5 Prime – From N60,000
  • Samsung J7 Prime – From N70,000
  • Samsung J6 Plus – From N70,000
  • Samsung Neo – From N40, 000
  • Samsung J7 Duo –From N80, 000
  • Samsung J7 Pro – From N80, 000
  • Samsung J8 – From N88, 000

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Samsung Freezers & Prices in Nigeria

Samsung Freezers are available in various types. These types vary in size, design, and capacity, although they usually maintain the same functionality and efficiency. Samsung freezers can also be obtained from various Samsung stores across the country. It is easier to purchase freezers in these stores as you can easily lay complaints as regards the product whenever there are issues with the product within the warranty period.

  • Samsung Side-by-Side Fridge: From N1,536,700
  • Samsung 323 Litres Freezer Refrigerator: From N1,004,000
  • Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 339L: From N871, 600
  • Samsung Refrigerator 526L: From N835,800
  • Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator 617L: From N1,491,800
  • Samsung Refrigerator 258L: From N394,500
  • Samsung Refrigerator 290L: From N467,500
  • Samsung Refrigerator RT38K55 380L: From N558,800
  • Samsung Refrigerator 453L Cool Pack: From N615,700
  • Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator 680L: From N1,101,700
  • Samsung Refrigerator 243L: From N386,800
  • Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 329L: From N563,200
  • Samsung Double Door Refrigerator 395L: From N587,300
  • Samsung Refrigerator 458L: From N512,820

Samsung Home Theatres & Prices in Nigeria

If you desire a sound system that offers you almost everything you desire in a proper home theatre then you should consider a Samsung Home theatre. They are available in various categories and vary in efficiency and operation. Here are the prices of some of the most common home theatres in their stores.

  • Samsung Wireless 340W 3.1-Ch Soundbar System Model T650: From N250, 000
  • Samsung HW Q950A 616 Watts Virtual 11.1.4-Channel Soundbar System: From N1,200, 000
  • Samsung Premium 9.1.4Ch 540 Watts Dolby Atmost Soundbar -Q930B:From N1,000, 000
  • Samsung HW- T450 Bluetooth Wireless 2.1-Ch 200Watts Soundbars: From N180, 000
  • Samsung 340Watts Wireless 3.1-Ch Soundbar System: From N240, 000
  • Samsung Premium Q990B 656Watts 11.1.4-Ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar: From N1,650, 000
  • Samsung Premium 450W Curved Wireless Soundbar MS6501 Sound System: From N380, 000
  • Samsung Premium HW- Q600B 360W 3.1.2-Ch Wireless Soundbar System: From N400, 000
  • Samsung Premium 656Watts 11.1.4-Ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar Q990B: From N1,350, 000
  • Samsung HW-Q600B Wireless 3.1.2-Ch Dolby Atmost Soundbar System: From N400, 000
  • Samsung MX-T40 300Watts Sound Tower Power Audio Bluetooth Speaker: From N270, 000
  • Samsung Wireless MX-T70 Giga Party Tower Bluetooth Speakers: From N500, 000
  • Samsung 300W Wireless HW – A450 Bluetooth Soundbar Sound: From N210, 000
  • Samsung Bluetooth Wireless 340 Watts 3.1-Ch Soundbar System: From N250, 000
  • Samsung HW-Q600B 3.1.2-Ch 360watts Dolby Atmost Soundbar /DTS:X 2022: From N400, 000
  • Samsung HW -T420 2.1Channel Sound Bars System With Wired Subwoofer: From N160, 000
  • Samsung Hw-B450 – 2.1ch Soundbar W/Dolby Audio: From N190, 000

Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List

Samsung Televisions & Prices in Nigeria

It wouldn’t take you up to five minutes watching Samsung TV to fall in love with the view, especially after watching some other brand’s TV. Samsung TVs offer amazing picture and sound qualities. Here are the prices of some of the common TVs in their store.

  • Samsung 32 inches Smart TV: From N140,000
  • Samsung 40 inches Smart TV: From N280,000
  • Samsung 48 inches smart TV: From N290,000
  • Samsung 49 inches curve Smart TV: From N480,000
  • Samsung 49 inches flat Smart TV: From N300,000
  • Samsung 50 inches flat smart TV: From N330,000
  • Samsung 55 inches curve Smart TV: From N550,000
  • Samsung 55 inches flat smart TV: From N380,000
  • Samsung 58 inches smart TV: From N540,000
  • Samsung 65 inches Smart TV: From N700,000
  • Samsung 65 Inches Curved Smart TV: From N750,000
  • Samsung 75 Inches Uhd Smart TV: From N245,000
  • Samsung 75 Inch Crystal UHD Smart TV: From N870,000
  • Samsung 78 inches curved smart TV: From N2, 800, 000
  • Samsung 82 inches flat smart TV: From N1, 400, 000
  • Samsung 85 inches Smart TV: From N2, 000, 000
  • Samsung 20 inches LED TV: From N44,000
  • Samsung 24 inches LED TV: From N53, 500
  • Samsung 26 inches LED TV: From N57,000
  • Samsung 32 inches LED TV: From N68,000
  • Samsung 32 inches Ultra HD TV: From N150,000
  • Samsung 43 inches LED TV: From N170,000
  • Samsung 49 inches Curved TV: From N480,000
  • Samsung 50 inches Ultra HD TV: From N340,000
  • Samsung 55 inches Curved Full HD TV: From N475,000
  • Samsung 65 inches Ultra HD TV: From N700,000
  • Samsung 65 inches QLED TV: From N1, 200, 000
  • Samsung 78 inches curved SUHD: From N3, 700, 000
  • Samsung 82 inches Ultra HD TV: From N1, 300, 000
  • Samsung 85 inches Ultra HD TV: From N2, 200, 000

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Samsung Products

1. Budget Constraints: First and foremost, it’s essential to set a budget range. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend helps you narrow down your options. Samsung products come in various price ranges to cater to different consumer groups, so having a budget will guide you in selecting the most suitable option.

2. Purpose of Purchase: Are you a gamer, a photographer, or someone who just needs a reliable device for communication and basic functions? Knowing the purpose will help you choose a model with features that serve your specific needs. For example, if you’re into mobile photography, you’ll want a phone with an excellent camera.

3. Battery Life: In our digital age, a robust battery life is crucial. If you travel frequently or simply dislike having to charge your device multiple times a day, look for Samsung models that offer long-lasting battery life.

4. Screen Size and Quality: The screen size can be a big deal, depending on your needs. If you enjoy streaming or need to work on presentations on the go, a larger, high-quality screen might be beneficial. Samsung offers devices with various screen sizes and resolutions, so consider what would best suit your lifestyle.

5. Additional Features: From camera quality and storage capacity to security features like fingerprint and facial recognition, it’s good to think about what additional features matter to you. These extras often bump up the price, so make sure they’re things you’ll actually use.

6. Operating System and Updates: Samsung mostly operates on Android. Make sure you’re comfortable with the OS and consider how frequently the manufacturer releases updates. This can affect your device’s longevity and compatibility with newer apps and features.

7. Brand Reputation and Customer Service: Samsung is known for its reliable customer service and warranty policies. Make sure to check what kind of after-sales service is available in your area, especially if you’re making a high-ticket purchase.

8. Check for Reviews and Recommendations: Before making your purchase, it’s always wise to look up reviews or ask friends and family for their recommendations. Customer and expert reviews can offer real-world insights that are invaluable when choosing a Samsung product.

9. Compare Prices and Deals: Prices can vary between different retailers and online shops. Keep an eye out for discounts, trade-in deals, or financing options that can make your purchase more affordable.

10. Accessories and Add-Ons: Some Samsung products come with valuable extras like free earbuds, phone cases, or screen protectors. While not a make-or-break factor, this can sometimes sweeten the deal.

Factors That Affect Samsung’s Products Price

1. Model Year: Newer models tend to be pricier because of updated features.

2. Features: High-end specifications, like better cameras or larger storage capacities, can increase the cost.

3. Import Taxes: Taxes and import duties can significantly influence the final retail price.

4. Retailer’s Margin: Different retailers have different profit margins, which can alter the price slightly.

5. Exchange Rates: Given that these are imported products, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can impact the price.

FAQS on Samsung Nigeria Price List

What’s the Warranty Policy for Samsung Products in Nigeria?

Samsung offers a 24-month warranty for most of its products in Nigeria, which is a testament to the quality they offer. This covers any factory defects but doesn’t cover physical damages.

Are Samsung Products Cheaper if Bought Online?

Not necessarily. While online platforms do offer seasonal discounts, it’s crucial to compare prices with physical stores before making a decision. Often, in-store promotions can provide similar or even better deals.

Is Financing Available for Samsung Products?

Yes, some authorized dealers offer financing options for high-ticket items like smartphones and TVs. This allows you to pay in installments but could include interest rates.

How Can I Verify the Authenticity of a Samsung Product?

Always buy from accredited dealers or stores and check for the Samsung seal on the product package. Additionally, most Samsung products have a unique serial number you can register online to verify its authenticity.

Do Samsung Products Come with Accessories?

Yes, most Samsung gadgets come packaged with essential accessories. For instance, smartphones typically come with chargers, earphones, and sometimes even phone cases.

Conclusion on Samsung Nigeria Price List

Phew! That was a lot to cover, right? From the latest smartphones to high-tech refrigerators, we’ve touched upon the broad spectrum of Samsung’s offerings and their prices in Nigeria for 2024. 

Samsung has continually been a force to reckon with, impressing us with their innovation, quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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So, before you make your next Samsung purchase, remember what we discussed today. Keep those factors in mind, think about your specific needs, and then take the plunge. 

After all, whether you’re a student looking for an affordable but quality smartphone or a professional in need of high-end gadgets, Samsung has something for everyone. 

Thank you for sticking with us till the end, and we hope this guide from NigerianPriceGuide helps you make an informed choice. Catch you next time!

If you have any questions regarding this post, simply leave us a comment in the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price ListSamsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List Samsung Nigeria Price List

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