Power Bike Prices in Nigeria 2024 [Updated]

The price of a Power Bike in Nigeria ranges from N800,000 to N7 million in 2024. 

Power Bike Prices in Nigeria 2024: Hey there, bike enthusiasts and potential buyers! Are you passionate about cruising on two wheels? If yes, then power bikes are likely your thing, right? 

Power Bike Prices in Nigeria

We know how exhilarating the feel of the wind against your face while riding a power bike can be. But just before you hop on one, let’s talk about something equally important—how much it will cost you to own this ‘wind-giver’. 

Yep, today we’re diving deep into the topic of power bike prices in Nigeria, specifically for the year 2024.

Now, whether you’re a seasoned biker planning an upgrade or a newbie looking to join the biking community, there’s a lot to consider when investing in a power bike. 

We get it, you have tons of questions. How much is a power bike in Nigeria in 2024? Is the cost of a power bike in Nigeria worth it? What factors should I consider before making a purchase? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered here at NigerianPriceGuide.

In this post, we’ll explore all aspects related to power bike prices in Nigeria. From brand options to performance features, and even tips on how to snag a good deal, we’ll lay it all out for you. 

So, buckle up because this is going to be a detailed ride through the landscape of power bikes and their pricing in Nigeria. You don’t want to miss this, trust us!

What is a Power Bike?

Let’s begin by clarifying what exactly we mean by ‘power bike.’ Simply put, a power bike is a high-speed motorcycle built for performance. 

Unlike regular bikes designed for daily commuting, a power bike focuses more on speed, agility, and an exceptional biking experience.

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How Much is a Power Bike in Nigeria 2024?

Ah, the big question! The price of a power bike in Nigeria varies widely based on several factors like the brand, model, and whether it’s new or fairly used. 

As of 2024, you can expect to pay anywhere from ₦800,000 to ₦7 million for a new power bike.

Power Bike Prices in Nigeria (Brand New, Tokunbo, and Locally Used)

Note that these prices have been collated with the consideration that all things remain equal. In the event where, for example, a locally used Power Bike is in better condition than a Tokunbo bike of the same make and model, the locally used may be more expensive.

  • Ducati Superbike 2018 (Brand New) === N4,900,000 – N7,000,000

Tokunbo Power Bike Prices in Nigeria

  • Kawasaki 400cc Power Bike 2014 (Black) === N1,500,000 – N3,000,000
  • Kawasaki 600cc Power Bike === N800,000 – N2,000,000
  • Kawasaki GPZ Power Bike === N900,000 – N1,200,000
  • Yamaha YZF 2011 === N2,500,000 – N4,500,000
  • Yamaha R1 Power Bike === N680,000 -N1,500,000
  • Yamaha R6 600cc Power Bike 2005 === N750,000 – N2,000,000
  • Yamaha MT-03 2010 660cc Power Bike (White) === N600,000 – N1,000,000
  • Honda 2002 900cc Power Bike === N2,000,000 – N3,500,000
  • Honda CBR 600cc Power Bike === N750,000 – N2,100,000
  • Ducati Monster 700cc Power Bike 2013 === N2,000,000 – N3,500,000
  • Harley Davidson 2014 Power Bike === N5,200,000 – N7,000,000
  • BMW S-Series === N3,500,000 – N5,500,000
  • BMW R-Series === N800,000 – N2,500,000
  • Buell XB Series 2009 === N1,700,000 – N3,500,000
  • Qasa Qlink Power Bike === N420,000 – N1,000,000

Locally Used Power Bike Prices in Nigeria

  • Kawasaki 400cc Power Bike 2014 (Black) === N500,000 – N1,000,000
  • Kawasaki Vulcan 2010 Power Bike (Silver) === N850,000 – N2,150,000
  • Suzuki Gsxr 4000- 600 (Yellow) Manual Power Bike 2002 === N450,000 – N1,000,000
  • Sinoki Supra 150 Power Bike === N150,000 – N500,000
  • Haojin Power Bike HJ-150-50 Fabio === N150,000 – N500,000
  • Electric Power Bike === N300,000 – N780,000
  • Suzuki Epicuro Power Bike === N180,000 – N520,000
  • Yamaha YZF-R6 Power Bike (Black) === N120,000 – N620,000
  • Peugeot Power Bike (Blue) === N200,000 – N680,000
  • Honda Power Bike 900cc 2003 === N180,000 – N580,000

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Power Bike in Nigeria

  1. Brand: Big names like Yamaha and Honda will naturally cost more.
  2. Model: The newer the model, the more expensive it will be.
  3. Condition: Fairly used bikes are cheaper but might require more maintenance.
  4. Features: Advanced safety and performance features add to the cost.
  5. Currency Fluctuations: Due to the instability of the Naira, prices can vary significantly.

Where to Buy a Power Bike in Nigeria

You can buy power bikes from authorized dealerships, online platforms, or even from other bikers looking to sell. Just make sure to perform a comprehensive check before making a payment.

Tips for Buying a Power Bike

  • Always test ride before buying.
  • Verify all the necessary documents.
  • Consider future maintenance costs.
Power Bike Prices in Nigeria

Wrapping up on Power Bike Prices in Nigeria 2024

And there you have it, a complete rundown on power bike prices in Nigeria for the year 2024. As we’ve seen, the cost of a power bike in Nigeria can be quite varied, largely depending on factors like brand, model, and added features. 

And let’s not forget, owning a power bike isn’t just about the purchase price; there’s also maintenance and possible upgrades to consider. 

While the prices might seem a little high, the experience and joy a power bike offers can be considered priceless by enthusiasts. 

It’s not just a bike; it’s a lifestyle. In the end, your choice of a power bike should not just be about affordability but also about fit, performance, and your long-term biking goals. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you’re armed with all this info, you’re all set to make an informed decision and join the ranks of power bikers cruising the Nigerian roads. Vroom Vroom! Happy riding, everyone!

If you have any questions regarding this post, simply leave us a comment in the comment box below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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