NigerianPriceGuide.com.ng is an informational website launched with good intentions of bringing the latest prices of products and services to Nigerians.

Keep in mind that we are not by any way sellers of any products seen on this site, as the prices of products we publish are based on thorough research, which is 70% sourced from vendors, and 30% from online resources such as blogs and e-commerce websites.

We do not by any way guarantee that the prices on this website correlate with the prices of the products and services. This is because prices may vary based on location, vendor, and some other factors that affect prices.

Although we try our best to make our content fresh and current by updating them regularly, we do not guarantee that all prices published on this website are current, as we may get late updates on the prices of some products and services.

Lastly, NigerianPriceGuide is not an e-commerce website or online store, as we do not sell or own any of the products we review on this site. However, some of our posts may contain affiliate links. You can read more about our Affiliate Disclosure.

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